Basic Backup 1.0.0

Basic Backup 1.0.0: a portable and plattform independent, JAVA based backup solution Basic Backup is a JAVA based solution for file and directory backup. Ist is plattform indepenent and portable. You can run it from your computers harddisk - or from a USB-Stick or external harddisk. For your backups you can use the GUI or a text mode.

JCapture 1.0.0: a platform independent tool for taking pictures by webcam based on JAVA
JCapture 1.0.0

JCapture is a JAVA based, plattform independent and portable tool for taking single pictures (jpg, png) in free defined intervals (seconds, minutes, hours) by webcam, based on JAVA. It is also possible to convert the pictures into a video file using the included jpg2avi tool.

video, portabel, java, image, picture, webcam

JAmp 1.0.0: a platform independent and portable audio player based on JAVA
JAmp 1.0.0

JAmp is a JAVA based, plattform independent and portable audio player. The audio formats WAV, MP3, AU, AIFF and Shoutcast are supportet. Playlists can be managed in as PLS and M3U files. JAmp offers different playmodes and a comfortable user interface. Since JAmp only consists of one file, the player can be used abolutely mobile (for example on a USB stick or CD).

audio, portabel, shoutcast, java, player

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Auscomp IT Commander - Deutsch 5.9.337

Die Web Basierende Help Desk Lösung für sämtliche Branchen ist eine Unschätzbare & Einfach zu Bedienende Support Plattform für alle Ihre Mitarbeiter & Kunden. Es erhöht die Produktivität, erspart Zeit und damit verringert Supportkosten. Ist in jeder vorhandenen Infrastruktur Einfach zu Installieren und Einsetzbar. Kostenlose 14-Tage Testversion für Windows & Linux.

protection, anfrage, support, tracker, system, daten, desk, problem, password, tool, hardware, kosten, help

datamarck 0.0.3: Measures storage performance of harddisks and compares to benchmark database
datamarck 0.0.3

Datamarck is an application to measure performance of storage devices, like harddrives, flash memory and external drives on various platforms. The collected performance data can be shared and compared with the online stored benchmark database. Check if your storage device performs ok and get advice which devices perform best on your plattform.

harddisk performance, benchmarck, harddrive, storage, performance, harddisk

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